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Three Ways to Spice up a Trip to Paris

Paris. It’s the city of love and romance, long candlelit dinners and strolls along the Seine. Sure, you will have seen picturesque scenes of Paris in the movies, but what if you’re looking for a spicier and more exciting version of France’s much loved capital. Even if you’ve traveled to Paris before, there are a whole range of risqué spots and hidden gems to tickle your taste buds. Not to mention Paris offers a vibrant, buzzing nightlife that is bound to delight and tease you. So why not read on to find out just how to spice up your next trip to the city of love?

Check out a Cabaret

One way to get a truly unique and spicy trip to Paris, sure to put a smile on even the longest of faces, is to book yourself a place at a cabaret. Glitz, glamor, dinner and a show, is a great way to enjoy Paris’ most iconic dance: the cancan. Prepare to be whisked away by a sensual and shocking storyline that is bound to enchant and delight – with a little more than a flash of ankle. Crazy Horse and Le Moulin Rouge are the city’s most famous cabaret nights – but you’ll need to book in advance to be sure to get a decent seat. Bonne chance!

Pigalle and Rue St Denis

Once a city packed full of brothels, the ban that was put on procuring in the 20th century soon put a stop to all that. However, there’s lots of piquant fun to be had if you know where to look. Take a trip up near the Sacre Coeur, to Pigalle, a bustling neighborhood full of sex shops and wild surprises. Yes, it might be going through some gentrification, with seedy joints being replaced by trendy bars, but you’re sure to find something to delight and surprise.

Don’t forget to head down to Rue St Denis too – the site of the city’s first paved road and once famed as the place for weary travelers to rest their weary heads, aided by a Parisian dame or two. It’s also a great place to entertain… check out Lovesita Escort Paris for more inspiration. Although no longer full of horsecarts, there are a range of boutiques to delight – plus it’s a stone’s throw from the city’s gay district Le Marais.

Love and Lust

A trip to the Musee d’Orsay might not be top of your agenda to get your heart racing, but don’t let those old masters fool you. In fact, checking out the Louvre and enjoying some of Paris’ artwork is a great way to explore the city’s sense of sexuality, love and lust throughout the ages. From well-known artists to lesser-known contemporary works, take a trip back through time and set your pulse racing.

So, go on, dip your toe into the slightly seedy underside of the city of love – you might find that you’re pleasantly surprised.