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How to Buy a Home in Thailand?

Since the turn of the last century, several people from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Canada have purchased homes in Thailand. Considering the significantly large expat community that calls Thailand home, instances of foreigners wanting to buy homes in Thailand do not come as a…

Why Investors Are Starting To Show an Interest in Condos in Downtown Ottawa

It seems obvious in hindsight, but only now are investors paying attention to the condos in downtown Ottawa that residents are eagerly looking for. For quite some time now, a lot of attention has been given to neighborhoods that are close to the downtown areas, such as Beacon Hill North,…

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NovaStar Appraisals – The Appraisal and the Home Inspection are Valuable When Looking to Purchase a Home

When you seek to purchase a home, there are a number of inspection type of procedures that you should have done on the home in order to understand exactly what you are purchasing. The two most important are the appraisal and the home inspection and each has its own procedures…


Martin LaMar Helps to Define what Public Housing Programs Are

People like Martin LaMar and Grefe are individuals who are almost continuously in the news for their roles in affordable housing programs. Public housing, for instance, is an element of affordable housing but one that many people continue to find difficult to truly understand. They don’t know why newspapers such…


Five ways to protect your property

Despite the UK’s crime rates falling to a new record low earlier this year, homeowners should still be keen to secure their properties – none of us know what’s around the corner. Taking this into account, local police forces frequently advise people on how to deter crime, with burglary prevention…


Moving to Dubai? Here are 7 Tips for a Cheaper & Easier Move

Moving house is not always as easy as you would like it to be, and moving to a completely different country can be even harder. However, if you’re planning to move to Dubai, we can help. Whether you’re looking to live in luxury apartments in Dubai or a 3-bed townhouse,…

Couples Argue

4 Biggest Reasons Couples Argue

No relationship is perfect.  Even some of the happiest couples admit that they have arguments from time to time.  Arguing is perfectly natural and some experts may even say that it’s necessary in order to keep things interesting. In order to be able to minimize the arguing, however, which is…


Utilizing Instructional Resources to Acquire or Maintain Professional Certifications

Most states require real estate agents to secure and maintain their professional licenses throughout their careers. If you let your license lapse, you cannot work in this industry in your state. Likewise, if you want to break into this industry, you need to go through the proper training for it….


Why Real Estate Is The Best Place To Invest Your Cash

I have been investing money now for around 10 years and throughout that time I have made some profits, some losses and some investments which I’d rather not recall. In the main, my investments have served me well and for that reason I am often asked by my friends where…


Randall Benderson Discusses His 7 Top Tips for Real Estate Development

The sad truth is that only very few people who try to become real estate or property investors manage to become developers as well. Randall Benderson feels this is a real shame, as real estate development is an exciting field of work. He believes that too few people take on…

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