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What can Executive Coaching do for you?

Executive Coaching

There have been lots of criticisms as to the effectiveness of executive coaching from people (including universities) however we ask that you remain curious.  This style and approach is not for everyone however it definitely does help some people and companies to think differently about their business ability and growth plus get the motivation to implement change against internal or external resistance.  Some would argue that people shouldn’t be in business if they don’t have these basic skillsets.  There are some business owners however that may open up companies as they have a specific skillset, invention or technology – it doesn’t mean they are experts in company growth, sales and marketing.  Here are some points on what executive coaching can do for you:

Board Level Coaching – If you are transitioning onto board level – the expectations and behaviours expected of you may change significantly to what you are used to.  Remember that at these forums the discussions are very high level and strategic.  Board Level Coaching is usually on a 1-2-1 basis agreeing strategic goals and objectives.

Team Coaching – team coaching is a different way to collectively motivate the team to move in a specific direction.  This could be aligned to company objectives or it could involve the team collectively working together to help define the short and long term strategy.  These sessions can also be used to help develop the “softer” skills. This could be things like how to coach and manage teams (and potentially poor performers), how to challenge resistance to change and how to better present and lead your teams.  The interesting part about some of these sessions is that there could be an element of role play.  If you are paired against an actor who is pretending to be resistant to a specific change being implemented then it can be quite challenging but it makes you think about how to deal with this in a real life situation.  Team participation in these type of activities is key.  If you have a “bad egg” in the group and doesn’t want to involve themselves in these situations then it may be best not to involve them in the process (or better still – use your new influencing skills to get them engaged).

Personal Development Coaching – Lots of people just come into work to get a salary then go home however a lot of people are keen to continuously move up the progression ladder and develop into better, more challenging things.  I personally have a 10 year progression plan giving me options of my next move and what are the gaps to get me to these levels.  Talking this with a coach will help you maybe consider career paths you hadn’t thought of.  It may also make you think about some careers maybe you hadn’t considered in the first place (based on your current and past experience).  As such, having this coaching from an independent person can prove to be extremely rewarding.


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