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Tips For Designing Your Business Blog


Web users will decide very quickly whether or not they enjoy the design of your blog once they land on your domain.  You have less than ten seconds to convince visitors to stay, and it’s important that you get it right.

The visual appeal of your design is a powerful tool for grasping the attention of visitors, and you need to make a great first impression.  A successful blog design provides easy navigation, appealing aesthetic, and useful, informative content.

Here are a few tips to launch you on your way towards building your own successful blog design.

Design an easy navigation method

People should instantly understand how to move about your many posts in your blog.  Once your collection of content gets larger, you’ll need a way to organize everything.

Set up a category section on the side of your design, so users can pick and choose the subjects they find most interesting.  Until you get more than 30 or so posts, a simple listing and “next page” button are enough for early navigation options.

Keep the blog bloat to a minimum

One of the most common reasons your blog site may be lagging is heavy images.  When you choose to add pictures to your design, choose wisely.  Only high quality media should be a part of your blog.  Here is a great example of a blog with no bloating.

Blog bloat is detrimental to the health of your site.  Your blog site needs to load completely within three seconds of landing.  If not, it’s simply too heavy, and you need to cut back on unnecessary additions to the design.

Write evergreen material for your posts

By evergreen material, we mean write your blog posts about things that always matter within your realm of operation.  It’s okay to add a few posts here and there which are specific to a moment in time, but the majority of your post should be useful anytime.

It is also important that once you establish your blog, you keep up with the relevance of your past posts.  If something you wrote last year is no longer correct, you need to update the post to make it right.  People will notice when your information is incorrect or outdated.

Make your blog site mobile friendly

Everything you create online should be built for mobile compatibility.  Mobile devices are taking over the internet, and your content needs to be setup for this vast population of web users.

Add simple media queries to your design coding, and your blog pages will automatically adjust to the size of the viewing screen.  This way, users will not have to pinch and swipe to view your content properly.

Get your aesthetic right

In terms of colors and fonts, you should put a little effort into understanding the power of color.  The psychology behind the use of colors can be very useful in the design of your blog.

One important tips to remember when it comes to aesthetic is to keep it in the 2-3 range.  Only use 2-3 colors for your color scheme, and only use 2-3 fonts throughout the design.