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Professional Golf Course Management

Approximately 25 million people golf in the United States. That’s roughly 8% of the entire nation’s population. If you love golf and you’re contemplating career possibilities you might want to consider golf course management. There are many golf club management companies across the nation that can attest to this being a smart career choice. 

Golf Course

Golf Course Management

If you’re wondering what golf course managers do, you’re not alone. There’s a common misconception that golf course owners and managers gets to play golf all day and that’s typically not the case. Golf course managers are administrative managers. They are responsible for overseeing all of the course’s operations, including maintenance, supplies, landscaping and staffing. If the club has a restaurant or retail store, a manager will need to oversee those operations as well. They’re also ultimately responsible for customer satisfaction so there’s a substantial amount of customer service entailed. 

Average Salary and Job Prospects

Golf club management is a lucrative choice for a career. Generally speaking, club managers can expect to earn around $30 – $40 per hour. This will vary depending on the course type, the course location and the span of your responsibility. Because there are so many golfers in the country it’s pretty safe to say that is a need for golf course managers. In addition to managing specific courses golf course management companies can also serve as recruitment firms. 

Degrees Needed 

You might not need to have a degree to manage a golf course, but there are a few different degree options that may greatly benefit you in this profession. One of the most popular options is hospitality management because it provides a solid management background and also provides information about the field of hospitality and tourism. Some people choose to pursue kinesiology, physical therapy or sports medicine if they’re interested in the science behind the popular sport. While others may choose to study recreation if they want to focus on the recreational aspect of golfing. And others might also want to obtain a general business degree, especially if they see themselves being more or less responsible for general golf club operations. 

There are also specific golf management degrees and certificate programs offered at some colleges. These programs are beneficial because all classes are specific to the golf industry. For example, instead of just learning about retail store management students can learn about the prof and cons of offering a pro shop. All golf courses entail landscape maintenance, but golf management courses will cover information that’s specific to maintaining the greens and how to keep sand traps properly maintained.