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Need a Big Space for Your Business? Custom-Made Buildings May be Right for You


Leasing a workplace is not always the right answer. For those of you who have custom needs that need to be met and need a large, open space to work in, leasing a workplace might not even be an option. Wouldn’t it be just great if you could build a custom building for your work? You probably think that building your own workplace might seem far out of your budget, but it isn’t. Armstrong Steel building kits offer a custom solution for you and are guaranteed to meet regulations.

Steel is the backbone for the tallest buildings in the world. It is strong and durable. Here’s how steel buildings can work for you:

Personal Workshop

For those who work by themselves or with a small team, and particularly for those who have a large backyard, adding a personal workshop is the solution for you. Ideal for craftsmen who either need more space to work or who need some personal space to work.


Gone are the days of building barns out of wood. The way to go now is with custom steel buildings. Guaranteed to fit in the space you need and big enough to house what you need, whether you need to store equipment or grow produce. 


Regardless of where you live, if you are trying to make a living owning a horse farm, you will need an indoor arena. Whether you need to protect your riders from winter conditions, rain, or even from a blistering sun, indoor arenas are imperative to anyone looking at running a ranch. Steel buildings are used most commonly for indoor arenas – and for good reason.  

Ice Rinks

There are many reasons you would want an ice rink. For monetary reasons, for personal reasons, or even to train. Having a steel building is perfect because it not only gives you the room to build an ice rink, it can be repurposed for different uses year-round. 

Function Halls

Custom buildings offer a wide range of options for use, including for religious purposes. These function halls are much cheaper to build than traditional buildings, and can be used for a wide sort of events. Host rallies, parties, mass, or any other function! 


Steel buildings act as the best garages. Whether you want to store your car, your tractor, or even your plane, steel buildings are the way to go. For the savvy business folk, consider opening a self-storage company. These steel buildings can be used to get you into a lucrative, recession-resistant industry. People will always have stuff they can’t throw away.

When you need a unique solution for your business (or personal) needs, it only makes sense that the solution is a unique, custom made building. Don’t bother with trying to make the traditional workplaces like offices work for you. You know they won’t! If you need a large, custom space because your business isn’t like most, you need an option that works for you, because it was designed for you.