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Looking to Start a Cleaning Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

cleaning businessStarting a business is a smart move if you want to be your own boss and enjoy unlimited earnings. It is undoubtedly hard work, but as long and you have the right attitude and a desire to succeed, there is no reason why your new business shouldn’t be a success. But before you start making money, you need a great business idea.

Cleaning businesses are perfect for hard working entrepreneurs. This is a venture you can start from home and grow as your client list gets longer. However, before you get too carried away, it is essential that you decide which area of cleaning you want to target for your new business.

Different Types of Cleaning Business

Residential cleaners are always in demand, especially in more affluent areas. It is easy to start as a self-employed cleaner and then hire other people to work for you. Another area worth considering is office cleaning or industrial cleaning, but if you want to try something a bit different look at cleaning ‘hoarder’ homes or crime scene clean up. In case you are wondering, crime scene cleaners clean up after a crime has taken place. It is an interesting career, but you may need a strong stomach.

Pay Attention to Detail

Good cleaners are always in demand and can charge higher than average rates. Anyone can clean, but not everyone can clean to the right level. To operate a successful cleaning business, you and your employees need to do the job properly. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is not going to cut it, so if you can’t be bothered cleaning your own home this probably isn’t the right job for you.

A word of warning: as the business grows, you will need to hire extra cleaners. Make sure you vet them carefully and monitor their work until it is evident they can be trusted. Cleaning is a low paid profession and it often attracts people with a poor work ethic. If your team is not up to scratch, you will soon start losing clients.

Invest in the Right Equipment

You won’t need much in the way of specialist equipment when you first start a cleaning business, but it is worth investing in an industrial vacuum cleaner and a mix of cleaning supplies and clothes.


Your marketing strategy will depend on the type of clients you are hoping to attract. Try a broad range of different marketing strategies, but to begin with, concentrate on local advertising and visit potential clients to see if they need your services. Once you have a few clients, ask them to recommend your company, as word of mouth recommendations are always useful.


Try to offer a range of different services, as this will help you build a strong business. For example, customers often need carpets cleaned or floors polished, so it is worth investing in cleaning equipment so you can offer these services. Other add-ons you may wish to offer include car valeting, deep cleaning, and a laundry service.

A cleaning business can be as successful as you make it, so work hard and practice your cold calling technique.