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Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn from Amazon and Etsy This Holiday Season


If you run a small business and you are hoping to make more money this holiday season by making more product sales online, you should look to giant e-commerce businesses like Etsy and Amazon for some inspiration.

What can you learn from Amazon and Etsy? Continue reading for a few tips.

Great Product Photos are Absolutely Necessary

When you look at products that sell in high quantities on Amazon and Etsy, you will quickly realise that they all have something in common: they all have fantastic images that show off all of their greatest features. You will also note that these products have more than just one image available. In fact, you can probably zoom into an image to see super clear details and textures, as well as check out various images of all of the angles of the product. Even a bottle of natural supplements will be photographed from the front and from behind so that the consumer can zoom in and read the label clearly before making a purchase.

To do the same for your small business, it is best to hire a professional photography company like Fashot product photography, as they will have the expert photographers and all of the highest quality equipment necessary to capture images in the best lighting and with the best composition.

Diversify Your Offerings

When Amazon first started out, it only sold books online, but it started noticing trends and evolved with them. Today, you can find just about anything you are searching for on the online retailer’s website. In the same way, you shouldn’t limit your small business by staying in the same little niche for your entire existence.

Regardless of how much time and effort you put into drafting your very first business plan, bear in mind that it was always meant to be a flexible, changing document. So don’t be afraid of change, stay on top of the trends in the online marketplace, and go where the money is at all times. You never know what growth opportunities you may find by simply keeping your eyes and ears open.

Be Visionary

When Etsy first started off, it knew that it had the opportunity to grow because it recognised that there was a market online for custom, handmade items. And the company was right because the DIY market has flourished online, with shoppers supporting a variety of creative individuals and small businesses that offer products and art that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Plus, there are sellers who want to get in on the Etsy market by posting their own products for sale on the site to find success.

The lesson here is that you should be visionary, just like Etsy was. Try to recognise where the trends are going, as well as what consumers will want from you. In this way, you can get ahead of the game rather than behind the curve.

With these three lessons from Etsy and Amazon, you can build and expand your own e-commerce store this holiday season.