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Larry Polhill Cafe Valley – How To Think Like a CEO


Last week I was chatting with Larry Polhill Cafe Valley Chief Exec and all round business guru about what kind of thoughts a CEO occupies themselves with. I work for educational think tanks the SEC and the APFC who are investors in the future of students when it comes to their careers, I spend a lot of time in schools helping kids out and trying to give them some securities on their career prospects in exchange for the pride which I get from seeing them realize their dreams.

Many kids want to become a President, CEO or director of a company and so the insight which I got from Larry was sure to help the kids in terms of helping to give them an idea as to how they need to think if they want to achieve a great position like reaching the top of a company.


CEOs always have one eye on the future when it comes to their business and if you want to start thinking like a CEO, you too need to have this sort of vision. Whilst of course a CEO must focus on the present, it is their ability to spot future opportunities or problems that puts them above us mere mortals. Planning for the future not only helps with success, but also with the ability to prepare for anything negative that may be coming.

Team Confidence

The team below a CEO is of vital importance and Chief Execs often spend their time considering what kind of position the team are in, and what kind of confidence levels they have. A team must be running like a well oiled machine and it is the CEOs job to ensure that they are confident enough to do so.

Market Trends 

CEOs must keep an eye on what is happening with their respective market and any slight movement in trends or patterns must be acted upon in order to maintain business success. It is this ability which CEOs have to react to the market that makes them so good at what they do.

Board Security

The first commitment which a CEO has is to their board of directors and because of this they must be constantly thinking about what kind of situation the board are in and whether or not they feel confident. This is something which CEOs often think about and much of their time is taken up having conversations with board members.


A business has a great deal of responsibilities but none more important than money and ensuring that they are making enough of it. The priority of a CEO is the same as any small business owner and that is whether or not they are making enough money and how the business is spending it. Money will always occupy the minds of CEOs and this is a fact that is never going to change.