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Key Ways to Improve HR Efficiency

HR Efficiency

From smaller SMEs to large corporations, many of the tasks carried out by the HR department are time consuming and laborious, to say the least. This not only costs the company money but doesn’t utilise the talent effectively within the HR department because they are spending way too much time on tasks that could either be automated or done away with altogether with more efficient processes. Here are a few key ways to improve HR efficiency, raising your bottom line at the same time!

Clearly Define HR Roles within the Team

One of the main issues many HR departments have is in duplicating efforts because roles are not clearly defined. From the department head right on down to the clerical team, each and every person within HR should have a clearly defined job description so that time isn’t wasted with duplicated efforts. For example, if an employee contacts HR with an issue they are having, the call should be routed to key people who are assigned to problem resolution.

In this way, the person taking the call who probably doesn’t have the authority or the expertise to handle it appropriately can simply route it to the correct person. Instead of spending a half hour or more talking to the disgruntled employee, send the call up to the appropriate level so that it can be dealt with expeditiously, freeing the receiver to spend time on other tasks that are within their realm.

Streamline Processes

Keeping track of records and a myriad of paperwork can be one of the most time consuming tasks within HR. Rather than overwhelm your staff with passing reports and other assorted documents back and forth as they need to be accessed, why not take advantage of HR solutions in the Cloud? Cloud computing is saving tens of thousands of companies, large and small, an enormous amount of money because everything is accessible to anyone who needs access with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Cloud solutions from HR professionals such as make it easy for anyone in HR, from any location around the globe, to have access to all important documents without countless phone calls and emails going back and forth until the right doc is located. This is one of the most time-saving ways to streamline processes, saving your company an untold amount of money each and every year.

It’s All about Communications

In the end, you’ll find that communications is the one constant in any HR department. Whether it is to engage employees so that they do their jobs well with fewer issues or for intra-office memos and day to day tasks, learning to communicate effectively is the very best way to ensure efficiency. This is one area where many corporations actually take the initiative to train their HR staff by sending them to seminars and courses so that they can learn effective communication skills. Studies have shown that what the HR staff member is hearing isn’t necessarily what the employee is saying and this type of confusion can lead to a breakdown in communications that could have been avoided with just a bit of training.

Want to improve HR efficiency to save your company precious time and money? Focus on streamlining processes, improving communications and clearly defining who does what, and when. These few simple improvements will increase efficiency within HR. You’ll find that you spend less on operational expenses which in turn increases your bottom line – and that is always what turning a profit is all about. Spend less. Earn more.