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Key Habits for Better Employee Work-Life Balance

There are ways to create a work-life balance. While the attention the phenomenon has grown in recent years, corporations need to find ways to help their employees find that balance. Millennials already make up over half the workforce and within the next decade will make up 3/4 of the workforce making it essential employers create opportunities for balancing the personal and professional.


Create Boundaries

While individuals are encouraged to create boundaries to achieve a healthy work-life balance, businesses can help in their pursuit of balance. If the company has a policy already set in place to set boundaries, it is easier for employees to follow those boundaries. Executives like Eyal Gutentag work to manage Millennials by partnering with them. Set boundaries on when employees can answer work email, what the expectations are for overtime and how to handle vacation time. These can be done on the executive level or by using focus groups to determine what is best for the company at large.

Time Off

Everyone needs to recharge. When employees feel they cannot take time off, it can create a stressful work environment that is not beneficial for the company or the employees. Having a set number of company holidays, vacation time and paid time off allows the employees the ability to take time off to recharge, recover from illness or tend to sick children. Unless there is an emergency that cannot be handled by other staff, the employee out of the office shouldn’t be bothered with work. A recharged employee is more likely to infuse the company with clear thinking and fresh ideas.

Energy Management

Make sure your employees manage their energy throughout the day to get the most productivity and job satisfaction. This may mean scheduling a 2 pm coffee break or hiring a fitness instructor to come in and reenergize the staff during the post-lunch time period. When the company makes it a policy to help their employees balance their lives, the company and employees benefit. The employees may even be more committed to the company.