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How To Decide On A Good Domain Name

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You have decided on what your online business is going to be. You have hired a web designer to make your dream become a reality. You have decided on the price you will sell your products and services for. Now you will need to focus on your domain name. This is something that far too many businesses do not spend enough time thinking about. Make no mistake about it, this is a very important decision. The domain name you decide to go with will have a lot to do with how easy or hard it is for people to find your site. Here is how to decide on a good domain name.

1. When in doubt, choose a simple name

Simplicity is always preferable where domain names are concerned. You always need to keep in mind that people may only hear or see your domain name once very briefly in passing. If this is the case, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to remember it. This will make it more likely that you will get additional customers to your site. You should try to think of a domain name that has very few letters. The spelling should be simple and not easy to confuse with a similar word.

2. Meet with other people

You should get input from as many people as you can where your domain name is concerned. After all, it will not cost you anything to gather all of your friends, family members and neighbors together for a big brainstorming session. Tell these people the parameters of what you are looking for in terms of a domain name. Give them all pencils and paper and let them go to work. Then you can simply go through all of their ideas to see if there is anything worthwhile. You have nothing to lose by trying this. Even if they come up with no good ideas, you are still no worse off than you are right now. You can reserve domain name of your choice is you go to

3. Keep your options open

You do not have to choose a domain name that ends in .com. Many people believe that their domain must end in .com in order for their business to be taken seriously. This might have been the case years ago. However, .net domain names are becoming very common in today’s world. It is now perfectly acceptable for a site to have this type of extension while still being taken seriously by the general public. You should consider an extension other than .com because there is a good chance that the .com domain name you are looking for is already taken. Choosing a different extension will allow you to have the original domain name you are looking for. Just make sure that you emphasize the fact that you are not using a .com extension if you decide to choose .net or some other option. Otherwise, people will assume you have a .com extension.