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How to Lead a Team Working Remotely

work remotely

It seems that nothing else is talked about, the coronavirus has us all confined at home, it is true. But that is helping us to talk about things that seemed impossible in many companies. Being able to have the team dispersed, now in their homes, was something that many said they could not carry out. In Human Resources we continue to provide keys to be effective working with your team remotely.

Lead in the distance

Having a team, get to know them, inspiring, motivating and guiding them. A few things a good leader does. But how do things change when you don’t have your team around? The leadership is essential for the team remade in the same direction and at times like we live in today is vital.

New challenges are presented to us that we already had in organizations. The word telework must be one of the most written and spoken in our country in recent weeks. It is written about how to be productive, how to emotionally manage this situation, how to cope with everyone at home and you have to move on.

This brings us closer to a new way of managing people, of new styles of leadership. Globalization, new technologies are constant the changes that we are facing and as we see every day, they have been installed. So we must take advantage of it to promote new leadership formulas when working remotely with your team.

Accompanying from a distance is something that has already been installed. We can motivate from our laptop, from the application where we all communicate and expose our work.

Manage remotely

Fluid communication

It is communication the most important things where it is in home or workplace. We cannot see ourselves physically, we cannot be in front of others, so we must be clear that communication must be one of the key tools in our day to day.

Share the information on a daily basis, so that the whole team knows what is happening, what we are going to do, what is taking place, what changes we are adopting, what each one has to do, etc.

Constant development

Here we have the opportunity for all of us to contribute, grow individually and as a team. Expand knowledge , share interesting information, be able to promote development by providing distance training, workshops, webinars, there are hundreds of options at your fingertips so that the team stays up-to-date, motivated and energized.


Communicating as we have said is the key piece here, but you as a leader, must give your team that works remotely the possibility of continuing to have your door open. Your people have to be able to talk to you. They have to know that you are there, that you listen to them, that you know how they are and what they need. You must provide solutions and have tools that facilitate their work.

Up-to-date technology

Your teams must be in perfect condition for the information, the collaborative work to work and allow you to be productive. You can try different systems and tools, but you have to define where you are going to communicate, how you are going to work, who is going to be in charge of each project and how we are going to report what we do..

Remote is not lonely

If technology has brought something, it is the ease of getting closer in the distance. Being remote is not incompatible with holding meetings. Of course, you must define the meeting model well. Make daily meetings first thing of maximum 15-20 minutes. In them, share how you are, what you are doing, what difficulties you are having and how we can solve them.

It must serve you to have a global vision of how the team is, emotionally and functionally.


Leading does not mean you have to do everything yourself. It means that you know who is good at everything and that is why you lean on the best, on your team. More than ever, you must lean on them because you also strengthen their trust and motivate them. Bet on collective leadership so that the project is pushed in a much more affordable way. Otherwise you will be overloaded. Make everyone lead and it will make you much more bearable to all.

We are facing a new paradigm, and sharing knowledge and taking advantage of the different skills of the team will make you reach the goal. Working remotely can give us much more than we thought. We will be able to contribute, influence the processes and the operation of the project.

Your team, the most important

It does not matter what you do, the project or what you sell. If your team is not on the ship, you will be shipwrecked. Being remote means pampering all of this so that the strategic objective of the organization is a success.

People now more than ever are the most important thing. Take care of them so that they take care of the rest, the project, the clients or the objectives set. If you don’t measure up, they won’t get there.