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Feeling Stuck With Your Business Progress? Embrace Mobile Potential!

business_progressAt some point in your business dealings, whether they be relatively casual or supremely professional, you’re going to hit a plateau regarding engagement. It will seem like there’s no new people coming into your sphere, and there’s no new enticement for old people to remain interested in your communication structure.

And that’s when you’re going to have to get creative. That’s when you’re going to have to expand your boundaries, move into some uncomfortable territory, and fail a few times before you figure out how to roll into the latest technological advances. Good for you that SMS technology, social channels, geolocation services, responsive sites, and live chats are there to help you out.

Open Up SMS Possibilities

Though slightly more prevalent lately, for a long time, using SMS to engage customers was not a widespread occurrence. Business owners didn’t really understand how to leverage the power of immediacy with regard to text and images in a way that made fiscal sense. But, if you’re at your plateau, now is the time to consider adding that availability to your business model. Have a business number that people can text or send images to, and that you can respond back from regarding business matters. It’s really that easy to get started!

Use Social Channels

Using social media for business is now almost a requirement in order to stay competitive in the small business world. So, if you don’t already have your Facebook businesses pages up, and your Twitter account at the ready, and your Instagram account sitting waiting for you to upload the world’s most intriguing and artistic photos of whatever it is that you do – then now’s the time to hop on the social bandwagon!

Explore Geolocation Services

Geolocation services come in many different shapes and forms nowadays. And if your business progress feels stuck, it just might need a shot in the arm of some good technology that leverages where people are at with their mobile phones. In other words, find a way to advertise to people who are already in your area, searching for something that your business either has, or does.

Make Your Sites Responsive

For better or worse, technology now dictates that as many people will hit up your business’s website via small mobile devices as they will with desktop computers. And that means to get unstuck, be sure that your website are responsive. For many people, this means using WordPress as a starting ground.

Use Live Chat Potential

And a final way to get some more engagement from people is to set up some sort of a live chat format on your website. Whenever you’re available, have a small link that they can click to contact you directly. You’d be amazed at how much people appreciate this option when they’re looking for easy information quickly.