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Essential Guide to Planning a Team Building Activity

Managing a business is a difficult task to take on. Part of the job is managing your people and keeping them motivated. One of the best ways to keep them interested and help them de-stress is by organising a team building activity. One good idea is to look for large houses to rent with indoor pool and recreation facilities. This is the perfect opportunity to bring your employees closer and create a more substantial relationship with the people that you work with every day.

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If this is your first time planning a team building activity, it is reasonable to feel overwhelmed. The task becomes easier as you gain experience. Here are some expert tips to make sure that your company event is a success.

Plan in advance

You want your event to go efficiently; that is why advanced planning is crucial. If you have many employees, then you need at least one to two months to get everything in order. It would help if you organised your plans and goals by creating a checklist using an Excel file. Each task should have a corresponding timeline to make sure that you are not working behind your schedule. Remember that specific tasks cannot be accomplished in one day that is why your organising skills will be put to the test.

Ask for help from your employees

Being the boss means that there are many things on your plate. That is all right, but you should seek help by delegating. You can assemble a planning committee that can help you finish all the tasks before the scheduled date of your team building activity. These people can also help provide opinions which will be useful in making final decisions.

Some of the things that you can assign to your planning committee are as follows:

  • Searching for the perfect venue
  • Setting the date and time of the team building.
  • Finalising the headcount of employees who can make it
  • Planning for food and beverages
  • Activities and group games to keep everyone entertained
  • Awards and prizes to commend deserving employees
  • Creating a programme or agenda

Set a definite budget

Before your planning team can start looking for a venue and sourcing suppliers, you need to be clear about your budget. Hosting a team building activity can be costly, so you need to be more understanding and flexible when it comes to your expenses. If you have no idea about budget costs, then you can probably talk to other business owners who can give you a rough estimate or a breakdown of the total budget.

You should have a goal

Employees will look forward to attending a company event if they have something fascinating and exciting to look forward to. When sending out invites, make sure to indicate the objective of your team building activity so people will know what to expect.

Lastly, make the event light and fun for everybody. Allow your employees to loosen up and interact with their colleagues. Also, you should mingle and join the fun.