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Designing A Well-Rounded Business Website


To design a well rounded business website, you need a certain scope of knowledge.  Most small business owners end up designing their business websites on their own with very little guidance, and they tend to miss some of the most important aspects of web design along the way.

If you are one of those business owners who could use a boost in designing your website, then you have stumbled across a gem.  Here is a quick and easy synopsis, highlighting a few of the most important, and most essential, aspects of a successful business website.

Communication should be a priority

Designing a functional “Contact Us” page should always be a priority in business web design.  You want your web viewers to offer up their incite on all angles of your business.  If you cannot listen to the general public, then your business has an uphill battle ahead.

People enjoy feeling heard, and like their experience matters to the companies with whom they interact.  Listening to customers is a great way to stir up return business.  Always invest time in a stellar “Contact Us” link.

Building relationships matters in a big way

If you are not already familiar with the term, rapport is the word of the day.  Building rapport with your customers (and the general public) is what sets your business apart from the competition.  Small business is all about relationships and trust.

To integrate the concept of building rapport into your business website, design a thorough “About Us” page link on the site.  Tell the public how your company contributes to the local community, like this website has done here.  Tell the public what others have experienced while working with your business.

Provide useful and engaging content

If you want people to enjoy their experience while visiting your business website, then you have to make sure they are getting useful content to survey.  Design a blog link into your website, and fill it with rich and knowledgeable content for viewers to explore and share.

When your company’s blog posts are well-written, people will share them via social media with their friends and family.  A great blog will give your website just the boost it needs in visibility.

Your homepage says hello to viewers

Designing an aesthetically pleasing homepage is a great way to grab the attention of web viewers, and keep it!  The trick is not to get someone to look at your page as much as it is getting them to actually LOOK at your page.

It may be beneficial to research the psychology of color, and integrate a bit of that knowledge into your homepage design.  Also, keep the clutter to a minimum.  A busy, busy page is a bad, bad way to do business.