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7 of the World’s Most Successful Business Women

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The fact that men and women think differently has been proven several times by neuroscientists. That doesn’t mean that one is better than the other in anything, although you would be forgiven to think men are more successful leaders, because they take up the vast majority of leadership positions. However, the world is changing as people become more aware that both thinking styles are important, and that each has something of value to bring. Take Marylon McGinnis. In her Global Support Role, Charles Phillips, Infor’s CEO, relies on her being mistress of every situation. Let’s take a look at another 10 women who have defined the world of business.

  1. Irene Rosenfeld

Irene is the CEO and Chairman of Kraft foods, a food and beverage company, who earns $19.3 million in compensation each year. Before her position with Kraft Foods, she was CO of Frito-Lay, and equally successful company.

  1. Carol M. Meyrowitz

Carol is the CEO of The TJX Companies, operating in the retail industry. Her annual compensation is $17.4 million. She became CEO in 2007 and is responsible for brands such as Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s, turning them into a $21 billion business.

  1. Indra Nooyi

Indra is CEO and Chairman of PepsiCo, in the food and beverage industry. She receives an annual compensation of $16.2 billion. She joined the company in 1994 and was named CFO and President seven years later. She acquired the Quaker Oats Company and Tropicana, as well as Gatorade and a range of health foods.

  1. Ellen Kullman

Ellen is CEO and Chairman of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, in the chemical industry. She receives an annual compensation of $14.8 million. DuPont is the world’s largest maker of food ingredients, as well as the U.S.’ third biggest chemical company. The company has existed for 200 years and has made grade strides with Ellen at its helm.

  1. Angela Braly

Angela is CEO, Chairman, and President of WellPoint, in the healthcare industry. She earns $13.5 million per year. WellPoint’s consumer brand is BlueCross BlueShield, offering insurance to more than 10% of Americans. The company’s revenue in 2010 was close to $60 billion.

  1. Ursula M. Burns

Ursula is CEO and Chairman of Xerox, in the process and document management industry. She is compensated by $13.2 million per year. Ursula is a true success story, growing up in a housing project in New York City to a single mother, starting with Xerox as an intern in 1980 and, after saving Xerox from bankruptcy, growing to the position of CEO in 2001, the first ever African American woman to hold a CEO position at a Fortune 500 company.

  1. Lynn L. Elsenhans

Lynn is CEO, Chairman, and President of Sunoco, in the oil and gas industry. She receives $11.7 million in compensation each year. She started in the position in 2008 and has increased its profitability since then.

Clearly, women are playing a huge role in business today, changing the world.