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Why Buy Green Cars?


Nobody knows how high petrol and gas prices will go in the coming years. But thanks to green cars, we can look forward to undeniable environmental and fuel savings. There are many types of green vehicles that utilize new technologies to produce less environmentally hazardous emissions and promise better fuel economy too.

Types of green cars:

Not all green cars are the same. There are a variety of ‘green’ car choices in the market ranging from gasoline-electric hybrid cars to all-electric and clean diesel vehicles. To find out which one suits your budget and lifestyle, let us explore the different types of green cars in the market:

1- Electric Cars or Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

The electric car is the greenest of all. Since it has no fuel tank and tailpipe, there are absolutely no emissions from the vehicle. However, the electric car utilizes energy from a battery pack which has to be charged regularly.

According to an infographic, we can save 350 million barrels of oil in a year if everyone switches to an electric car. What’s more, electric car owners can save thousands of dollars in annual gasoline expenditures. These reasons are enough to convince us to buy such a car but beware, they aren’t very light on the pocket and can leave a huge dent in your savings account.

2- Hybrid vehicles

As the name suggests, hybrid vehicles are a combination of your traditional internal combustion engine and an electric source of energy. Hybrid cars use petrol like normal cars but they can switch to electricity too.

This fantastic feature of hybrids is that they offer a ‘power assist’ option to the conventional engine. Hence, the workload is divided between the fuel engine and the electric motor. The options to choose between two power sources maximizes vehicle efficiency and provides enhanced drive quality too.

The flexibility associated with hybrid cars makes them the perfect choice for long road trips. You don’t have to worry about looking for an electric charging point and can easily rely on gas till you reach the next charging station.

3- Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs)

PHEVs are almost like hybrid vehicles. They operate through an internal combustion engine along with an electric motor and battery. However, unlike hybrids, PHEVs have a large rechargeable battery which enables these cars to cover a distance of at least 64 km after a full charge. When the battery is depleted, the conventional engine turns onto life until you recharge the battery again.

PHEVs have a greater capacity to run petrol-free, making them even more energy efficient than hybrid cars.

Benefits of green cars:

These vehicles are fun to drive and help to reduce your carbon footprint too. So does that mean you should sell your old car to scrap car buyers and think about investing in means of greener transportation? Keep scrolling to know more about the advantages of green cars and why you should buy one now:

1- Lower running costs

As we discussed earlier, green cars help minimize your vehicle’s consumption which means you will save some serious cash. Whether you are driving an electric vehicle or a hybrid one, there is a noticeable drop in your car’s fuel consumption. Check out the Fuel Cost Savings Calculator to see how much you can save.

2- Easier to maintain

A battery electric vehicle (BEV) has less mechanical parts as compared to a traditional petrol/gas running car. There is a relatively lesser need for complete vehicle servicing and at the most, you will just have to replace the battery. Most EV batteries last for around 8 years, which isn’t a bad deal at all.

3- Environmentally friendly

Toxic emissions from conventional fuel-based engine vehicles are the primary cause of global warming which has devastating effects on the environment. Choosing to drive an electric vehicle means that you are playing your part in reducing air pollution. Better yet, charge your electric vehicle from a renewable energy source! All these factors help in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s more, most electric and hybrid cars are now being produced through eco-friendly materials. For example, the Ford Focus EV is made out of recycled materials and the car’s padding is produced out of bio-based materials.

4- Health benefits

Driving a vehicle that doesn’t produce harmful emissions means that you will get to breathe in better air quality. EVs are much quieter than conventional petrol or diesel driven cars which leads to better health and less noise pollution.


There are many economic, environmental and technological advantages of driving a green car. Green vehicles are not only beneficial to the environment but also to their owners. Buy one and show your commitment towards protecting the earth.

We hope this article has convinced you about why you should buy a green car today. Do you have any more questions or concerns related to green cars? If yes, drop a comment below and we will get back to you.