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Four Things You Should Know Before a Long Distance Motorcycle Trip


If you own a motorcycle and are considering a long road trip or motorcycle vacation, making sure that you’re fully prepared is essential. Taking a long road trip on a motorcycle is a lot different than simply packing a bag and going for a ride, and it’s important that you know what you need to do to prepare and what you should take to ensure that you have both a safe and fun journey. From safety tips to convenience hacks, we’ve put together some top tips that you should know before you set off.

The Roads are Longer than You Think

When you’re planning a trip, five or six hours may not seem all that bad – but if you’ve never ridden a motorcycle for that amount of time continuously before, the journey itself can end up being a lot more horrible than you’d imagined. In order to avoid tiredness and muscle stiffness kicking in, it’s a good idea to plan regular rest stops for any long journeys where you can take a break and refresh yourself before hitting the road again.

Get a Back Rest

If you’re planning to ride your motorcycle long distance, making sure that your seated position is right will help you to minimize any back pain or problems that you’re likely to experience from riding for such a long time. Many bikers don’t like the look of a back rest on their bike, but if you’re riding for hours at a time, convenience and comfort becomes more of a priority. You should also make sure that your handlebars are adjusted so that they’re as comfortable as possible, and consider getting highway pegs. A windshield is also a good idea to help protect you from the wind and other elements when you’re on the road. The more comfortable your bike, the better.

Safety First

When riding long distance motorcycle journeys, safety is even more crucial. If you’re planning to take roads and highways where you’ll be riding at high speeds, it’s absolutely essential that you have the correct safety gear in order to minimize any damage or injury to yourself should the worst occur. Even if you normally ride in jeans, going on a long distance motorcycle trip is a great excuse to buy yourself some motorcycle pants, boots, a jacket, gloves and a new helmet. You can buy safety gear from

Embrace Technology

Being entirely alone on your bike for hours on end can be an interesting experience, and embracing some technology can make those long rides a little better. For example, you can get helmets that are equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to connect to your smartphone and not only play music but listen to GPS directions and take calls. This is great for if you’re riding to someplace you’ve never been before, as having GPS directions in your ear will prevent you from taking any wrong turns.

Do you have any tips for first time long distance riders? Let us know in the comments.