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Find the finest used cars in Inverness

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Some of the best used cars in Inverness can be found at Horsepower Cars. The used car market once had a dubious reputation, but this is no longer the case and more and more reputable dealers are arriving on the scene all the time. Buying brand new obviously has advantages, but there are many benefits attached to purchasing second-hand cars too, such as being able to save a great deal of cash. The diversity offered by the market means that you shouldn’t find it too hard to identify something suitable no matter what your needs and requirements are.

Get the best deal you can

Don’t hesitate when it comes to asking important questions about the car and its past. The more information you can obtain, the easier it will be coming to an informed decision. If you’ve never bought a used car before and are worried about making mistakes, you could ask a more experienced relative or friend to guide you round the market. It’s wise to try and avoid being swayed by a low price tag alone. Even if the asking price seems unmissable, you’re still going to have to cover costs, including tax, fuel and insurance, so do bear this in mind before you hand over your cash hastily.

Look at the paperwork

Examine the paperwork associated with the car carefully before you proceed with a purchase. The vehicle should have been serviced on at least an annual basis. Is the car more than three years old? If so, it should have been subjected to annual MOT testing too. Buy from a dealer rather than a private seller and you’ll be protected by the Sale of Goods Act, which makes life much easier for you if you do need to return the car for a refund after finding a fault.