October, 2020 | mumble in the jungle
office equipment

3 Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment

If you’ve just started a new brand-new business or just gotten your company’s feet off the ground, you may still not quite be ready to jump into purchasing new office equipment. The goods news is you do have the option of leasing equipment to help build your new office space….


City Apartments Located Near Arts and Culture

If you’re searching for apartments in the middle of a big city, you’re most likely looking for a location that’s abundant in arts and culture. From parks and gardens to museums and seasonal festivals, you can live close to all the action by settling into a great nearby apartment. East…

outdoor entertainment

Move Your Entertainment Outdoors

A reality of everyone’s life right now is that outdoor recreation is safer than being indoors. Spending time outside has always been healthier than being cooped up indoors, but now it is also necessary. Luckily, transforming your life to maximize time outdoors isn’t difficult. Outdoor Entertainment Space Whether you have a huge…

remote work

3 Important Lessons We Learned From Working Remotely During The Pandemic

The business world has spent the last few months engaged in the greatest remote work experiment so far — prompted by Covid-19. And while the pandemic is undoubtedly not a good thing, some good things have come from it, namely how we see remote work and how we perform it….

business plan

How To Organize Your Business

You made a business plan, secured funding and you finally started your own business. Now you may be wondering how to structure your business to maximize efficiency and profits as Aubrey Ferrao has. Corporation This is the most complicated type of business to form. You will need to consult with a lawyer…