April, 2019 | mumble in the jungle

Auto Accident Injury Lawsuits You Should Not Believe

It is a well-known thing that when injured by a third party in a car accident you can file a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, this is where knowledge tends to stop. Most people have no idea about the laws that are associated with auto accidents. This led to the appearance…


Setting Up Your Dream Garage

Most guys just accumulate a few hand tools and maybe some little ramps to run their Corolla onto so they can change their own oil. But you’re different. You want to build a real shop. Where do you start? Get It Up in the Air For safety and stability when…


8 Reasons To Give Your Garage Floor an Epoxy Face-Lift

If your home has a garage, it can be essential to the safe storage of your vehicle, sometimes tools, and many times miscellaneous personal possessions. Although it keeps a roof over a large section of your house, the area is often the most ignored section of the building. Next time…