May, 2018 | mumble in the jungle

Blockchain and the Diamond Industry

Blockchain’s application has been expanding over the years. It is no longer limited to its role in cryptocurrency. It rose to popularity with the rise of bitcoin but it has become a useful technology for other purposes. It has expanded to the banking sector, commerce, and even the art trade….

car technology

Avoid Potholes with New Car Technology

So, what do high school friends, potholes, and a NY defensive driving course all have in common? The answer: everyone wants to avoid them. You may have an easier time getting away from high school friends or that defensive driving course, but you’ll inevitably come across a merciless pothole taunting…


Tips For Designing Your Business Blog

Web users will decide very quickly whether or not they enjoy the design of your blog once they land on your domain.  You have less than ten seconds to convince visitors to stay, and it’s important that you get it right. The visual appeal of your design is a powerful…

CT scan

Understanding the Difference between a CT scan and PET scan

Highly technical medical terms can often confuse a patient. How does one explain these terms in a simple uncomplicated way? Doctors do have their method of simplifying things for their patients. The objective of this article is to differentiate two related medical procedures: CT scans and PET scans. These two…

4 Gift Ideas For Saying Thank You

Coming up with gift ideas isn’t always something that comes easily to everyone.   Depending on how well you do or don’t know someone, you may be completely stumped on what kind of a gift to give them. For the occasion of giving a gift as a way of saying thank…


4 Jobs For People Who Like To Work On Their Feet

While some people are perfectly content working at an office job without much movement, there are other people who prefer an active day with little sitting still.  They need to be challenged and in a state of constantly moving in order to feel content. When it comes to some of…