July, 2017 | mumble in the jungle

What Changes Help Improve the Attractiveness of Your Home for Resale?

Are you considering putting your home up for resale? Even if you’re just playing with the idea for now, and looking to get a couple of appraisals first, you’ll want to make your home look its best to get the highest quote. Here are a few quick changes you can…


Financing vs Leasing a Vehicle – Which is the Better Option for You?

Making the decision to purchase a vehicle is a big deal. It doesn’t matter if this is your first car, or you’ve had many before. It also doesn’t matter if the car is old or new. This kind of decision is one that takes time and consideration to ensure you’re…

raod trip

How to Optimize Your Car for a Road Trip

During these summer days, it is only natural to feel an urge to go on some kind of a road trip. Perhaps you have already organized where you will be visiting and all the travel arrangements are in place. However, there is something much more important to check than motel…


6 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

A Harvard University study has found that high blood pressure contributes to more than 15% of deaths in the United States. The health issue is unfortunately a silent killer, as there are no symptoms and it can lead to a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, kidney failure and cognitive decline. We…

summer kids

3 Fun Art Projects To Try With Your Kids This Summer

When it’s summertime and your kids are no longer in school for a few months, it can be a challenge for parents to find activities to do that will both entertain and inspire their children. Luckily, crafting and art projects are the perfect way to accomplish both of these objectives….


Unexpected Ways You Could Be Shortening Your Vehicle’s lifespan

A car that stays in pristine condition forever and never needs a tune-up… A common fantasy among new car owners across the globe. Just don’t mistake your wishes for reality. Vehicles do need maintenance. And after all the hard work of selecting a car, finding insurance, and working out bank…

Home More Cheerful

4 Ways to Make Your Home More Cheerful

Not everyone has an interior designer within them.  Many people aren’t so sure how to achieve the kind of house that they seem to like in magazines.  They know what they like, but they aren’t quite sure how to get there.  One of the best ways to achieve the look…

A Look at the World’s Prettiest Mountain Towns

When it comes to scenic locations worth visiting, it’s hard to beat the beauty of mountain towns. Set amidst towering peaks, lush valleys, and surrounded by wildlife, they are steeped in allure and mystery. The world is filled with a variety of just such towns, but there are a handful…


Five Unique Vacation Destinations to Visit This Summer

If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your summer vacation and you’re tired of the same old destinations, then you’re likely ready to step outside your comfort zone. There are a number of beautiful, intriguing, interesting, and unique destinations well worth visiting this summer. Here’s a look at five…