August, 2016 | mumble in the jungle
e bike

Airwheel Smart E Bikes Enrich the Low-Carbon Intelligent Transport Market

Nature is a power reservoir for everyone. To quote a famous writer, “I go to nature to be smoothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” People can always absorb power and get healed in the nature. For those usually buried in the work, this is the…

enjoyable life

3 Reasons Participating in Art Makes Life More Enjoyable

While it might be true that not everybody is an artist, and not everybody can paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel like Michelangelo, or carve a sculpture of David like Michelangelo, and not everybody has the pipes of Aretha Franklin or Julie Andrews, or the dancing feet of Gene…


A Pirate of the Caribbean

Those of you that have had the experience of ploughing through Caribbean waters on a vessel that is the seafaring equivalent of an 18 wheeler trailer can look back at their time with fond memories, however your recollections will always have to be asterisked when describing the places you’ve visited….


Have your DNS Proxy ready before traveling

If you are planning to travel across the United States or abroad, you probably want to keep up with what is happening with your favorite television and radio programming in your area. Make sure you have your devices ready. Preparing your electronic devices is as important as packing all the…

road trip

Top Cars for Road Trips and Parts Modifications to Improve Driver Experience

School’s out and the weather is warm. That can only mean one thing… summer break. This is the time of year when families tend to plan vacations to destinations across the country. The age old tradition of a summer road trip is as popular as ever. Whether you’re taking the…