No Vacation Plans This Year? Why Not Try These 5 Fun Things to Do at Home


Sometimes it isn’t that we had planned on not going away for vacation, but for reasons beyond our control, we have no plans on getting away. Believe it or not, this isn’t always due to financial reasons. Sometimes our bosses take their sweet time approving our vacation dates, and other times the family can’t agree on where they want to go this year. By the time everything is in order, bookings are full and we have lost our shot at paradise. Why not make home your paradise this summer? You can have as much rest and relaxation as you want while still having fun doing these five things. Check them out!

1) Go Surfing 21st Century Style

You don’t need to live near an ocean to go surfing, at least not in the 21st Century. If you have a computer, smartphone or tablet and Internet connectivity, you can surf the web. It’s amazing all that there is to do online besides email and Facebook, but with a family and a tight schedule at work, who has time to investigate all that there is to do online?

One thing you may want to do is check out some gaming sites that are easy to use. You might even get lucky as well! Check out sites offering online poker from the United States because there are plenty of sites where it is legal to play for the win and you just might find something you like to do in your free time during the work week – what little you have of it, that is! However, one piece of advice is to check out sites like the one linked to above before randomly playing somewhere you’ve never been. It pays to read the reviews.

2) Do a Little Backyard Putting

So, you’ve always wanted to try your hand at golf, but somehow never had the time to learn the game or find a course to join. Why not do a little backyard putting this summer? Get the feel of the irons before paying a membership at the club.

Both men and women enjoy a good game of golf, so ladies, you are in good company. In fact, it’s so much better to take your frustrations out on the ball than on the hubby(!) so pick up the iron and swing away. There’s nothing like a good, strong swing to release the tension.

3) Host a Themed Barbeque

This is one idea which many people have found to be the next best thing to traveling where they had wanted to go on vacation. For example, say you wanted to go to Hawaii but it was too late to book regular or discounted rates. We all know prices go way, way up the closer we get to travel time, so if you’re unable to travel, why not host a backyard luau?

Those who wanted to go to South America could roast a suckling piglet on a spit, or if you had planned on going to Bavaria, why not host Sommerfest? Like Oktoberfest, you could order in a keg of black beer, grill various wursts and hire a Schuhplattler dance group for entertainment. No, you won’t be in the Alps, but you can have just as much fun. Your friends and family would all be there to join you, unlike a ‘real’ trip to Munich where you would resort to sending home photos to be shared.

4) Take Up a New Hobby

Stop and think about all the things you’ve always wanted to try but somehow never had the time. Maybe you wanted to garden or do a bit of woodworking. Now is your chance! Find a new hobby, something you’ve always wanted to learn, and spend the money you would have spent on tickets and hotels on buying the ‘tools of the trade.’

This is something you can do in your free time throughout the year, what little you may have of it, and it could be a way to just let everything go in life that is bringing tension you can’t seem to release. Whatever hobby you have always wanted to try, now is your chance.

5) Enjoy the Outdoors Locally – Camping, Hiking and Fishing

There must be a place where you can go hiking, camping or fishing for a few days right close to home. This is the time of year to do it and it won’t cost an arm and a leg to enjoy. If you are looking for some real fun and a new experience, check out primitive camping where there is no electricity and no amenities of any kind. It would be just you, the family, and the great outdoors.

A day on the lake would be nice as well. Some cities have day cruises you could book and although you won’t be leaving town, you can enjoy a scenic tour of your own locale, a few cocktails and some really great food. Whether you take a weekend cruise, a family camping excursion, or a fishing trip, you’ll be enjoying nature in this wonderfully warm time of year. Hiking is nice too, just don’t stray off an unfamiliar trail and do activate your GPS on your smartphone.

It’s Your Staycation So Enjoy!

None of these things cost a small fortune and all can be enjoyed alone, with the family and even with a few friends and neighbors you never really get to spend much time with. Often referred to as a ‘staycation,’ a vacation at home could be just what the doctor ordered. There is no stress and you will not be bound by the busy schedule of a tour guide! Just see and do what you’ve always wanted to see and do while taking a nap any time of the day.

You are on vacation after all, so let that govern your schedule, or have no schedule at all. Do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Remember, it’s your staycation, so enjoy!

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