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Movavi Screen Capture Review


Having the flexibility to record videos directly from your screen is certainly nice – but there are a couple of hurdles that often need to be overcome in order to do so. With most of the software out there having steep learning curves and requiring an understanding of the technical intricacies of videos – it can be fairly off-putting to attempt to use them.

The Movavi Screen Capture is different in that regard – and has developed a strong reputation for its user-friendly design. By ensuring the software is intuitive and straightforward, it deftly avoids the need to go through any sort of learning curve or deal with technical details. In fact, the software is easy enough that someone with no prior experience with screen capture could pick it up and use it right off the bat.

Flexible Options 

For first time users, using the Movavi Screen Capture to record video footage is really as simple as selecting the region that you want to record and clicking a single button to start the recording. It is worth noting that in order to select the capture region all you need to do is reposition the window and resize it – just like you would any normal window on your PC.

Assuming you’d like a bit more control over your screen capture, the software also has options that will provide it to you. To start off you can select the audio source and set the frame rate, but if you want you can even go further and choose to record any keyboard and mouse actions too by highlighting the mouse cursor and showing keystrokes on-screen.

The entire recording process can be managed conveniently with hotkeys, and if you’d like to stop the recording automatically after a certain duration you can even set up a timer to do just that. At any point during the course of the recording you can even snap screenshots of what’s on your screen too.

When the recording is complete, the Movavi Screen Capture will let you save it in the best possible format and using the optimal settings for any device or platform. If you like you can set these up for yourself, or you could simply use any one of the hundreds of presets that are available. Considering these presets support mobile devices as well as popular video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Facebook – you should definitely be able to find what you need.

Having a PC screen recorder that is so easy to use is going to help you out in more ways than one. It won’t be long before you find yourself using it to grab online video streams, save Skype calls, and even create your own video guides – and at that point you may even wonder how you managed without it.