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digital marketing

Four Elements of a Good Digital Marketing Strategy

Although there are many differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing, one fundamental aspect is the same. You need to first come up with a marketing plan or strategy, and the most important element is knowing where to advertise your product or service. The following are among the most important…

Internet in Business: necessary but not present

In the quest for a mature practice, modern and predictable enterprise computing, a strange thing happened: internet has made a dramatic breakthrough and transformed the technology to virtually all levels. He also changed the entire computer model, from architecture, software development and service delivery to operational models and rates of…

soundcloud marketing strategy

A better soundcloud marketing strategy can increase your music fame a lot

Recording an album and making it popular is never an easy task before but with the innovative technology it is very easy to add fame. Get more fans with the use of social media platforms such as SoundCloud, YouTube and many more. Recording the album with the absolute popularity is…