Technology | mumble in the jungle - Part 2
Technology and Toddlers

Pros and Cons: Technology and Toddlers

You love your kids, and most of the time you enjoy being around them. But let’s face it — there are times when you really need a break. Maybe it’s after binge watching “Dora the Explorer” with a fussy preschooler who isn’t feeling that well, or picking up your son’s…

Easy Access Amazon Prime from Australia

Digital and online streaming services continue to soar in global popularity. From YouTube to Hulu, these services are designed to offer a true alternative to traditional cable. Even with newer HDMI boxes and services, customers are always looking for new and innovative ways to access media and entertainment. Enter Amazon Prime Australia,…

business application

World CEO’s Charles Phillips

Many consider them to be more powerful than politicians, this may or may not be true in but when it comes to industry and economy there are few more powerful people than the CEOs off the World. Today we want to concentrate on one particular CEO whose rise to the…

wireless charger

Going Wireless: How It Feels to Be Always Connected

Unlike previous times, we are now experiencing the convenience of always being connected with anyone through the internet; not only does this connection ties people together, but this also gives an opportunity for all of us to get updated about the current status and affairs of the worldwide trends and…


Movavi Screen Capture Review

Having the flexibility to record videos directly from your screen is certainly nice – but there are a couple of hurdles that often need to be overcome in order to do so. With most of the software out there having steep learning curves and requiring an understanding of the technical…

Internet Marketing Company

How an Internet Marketing Company Can Help You

No matter what type of business you may operate today, the way you market your business is of critical importance if you hope to have any type of success. More than ever you are facing a global marketplace, with competition coming not just from the businesses across town but around…

partition master

How to resize/move partitions?

A partition magic free software is very hard to come by these days. If you had recently bought a new hard disk or solid state disk, then you should know that there’s a much easier way for you to transfer os to ssd – rather than spending the next couple…

Different Aspects of Career in Mobile Telemetry

Mobile telemetry can be a promising career if you know the primary aspects properly. The features may include ability to interpret data, accurate usage of latest technologies. When you are working in a Telemetry organization, you simply get exposed to a variety of applications that uses mobile telemetry technology. When…


For A Watch That Works Better Than Clockwork – Check Out The Pebble

As wearable technology becomes more popular, smartwatches like the Pebble Watch will be affixed to a lot more wrists over the next few years. Since their stellar debut three years ago, and thanks to a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, the Pebble Watch has grown exponentially. The brand, now covering 3 distinct…

Presentations with PowerPoint

Better Presentations with PowerPoint 2016 from Microsoft

Microsoft PowerPoint, you may love it or hate it, but you can never deny that presentations have become an integral part of professional life. And most officials will also testify to the fact that for every good presentation they see, there are at least three poorly designed or executed presentations….

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