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The Top 5 Benefits of an Inpatient Rehab

The road of addiction is often a long one, with plenty of twists, turns, potholes and speed bumps along the way. It can be a long time coming before somebody admits that they can’t beat addiction on their own, requiring many to muster every fiber of human strength to accept…

summer cloth

It’s Time To Fill Your Closet With Summer Clothes

Spring is here, which means it’s time to start digging out your warm weather clothes. Sometimes it means buying new warm weather clothes. Your clothing isn’t built to live forever. If you don’t have the money to do some clothing shopping, you might want to consider a small personal loan….

5 Signs Someone You Love Has a Drug Problem

There are many different kinds of addicts.  Some people who are addicted to a substance can go their whole life as a highly functioning addict without anyone ever knowing that they were ever using anything.  There are other types of people, however, that have a very blatant drug abuse problem…


5 Lifestyles To Dream About

We can all dream when it comes to how we want to live our lives out, can’t we? We can find inspiration either in how other people live, or even how we can imagine ourselves being the most happy. And then we can aim for that. And even if the…


Three Trends for Christmas 2016 Party Dresses

It’s that time of year when one of the biggest fashion priorities – aside from getting a really nice winter coat – is finding the perfect dress for your Christmas parties. Often, we get invited to parties with different groups of people, for instance the work party, Christmas Eve with…


5 Ways To Deal With Addiction and Addictive Behaviors

Addiction can be a very touchy subject because it comes in so many different variations. There are different degrees of damage that can be done, both to the self and others, and there are different perspectives that lead to different conclusions about behaviors as well. Those things considered, when addiction…

replacing bad habit

Replacing Bad Habits With Good Ones

When it comes to establishing a better life for yourself, one of the first things that you can take on is the idea of replacing bad habits with good ones. Since habits are so pervasive in your daily life, you’ll find that each small habit that you take on in…

fighting addiction

5 Important Topics To Understand When Fighting Addiction

There’s no simple way to fight addiction. It’s a multi-faceted issue, and on an individual level, there are even more specific complications depending on an enormous number of factors. But because addiction can cause so much pain and chaos if untreated, that just means that the fight against it must…

enjoyable life

3 Reasons Participating in Art Makes Life More Enjoyable

While it might be true that not everybody is an artist, and not everybody can paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel like Michelangelo, or carve a sculpture of David like Michelangelo, and not everybody has the pipes of Aretha Franklin or Julie Andrews, or the dancing feet of Gene…

Extra Height

Change Your Perspective with Some Extra Height

Being a guy who’s a bit on the shorter side can be really tough if you’re surrounded by taller folks at the workplace, at the gym, at home, or out in the dating scene. Those who fall below 5’6” especially seem to develop a self-consciousness around their height. It’s rough…

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