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4 reasons why any chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney will always prefer this over chapter 13

Considering the fact that debtors often lose property with a chapter 7 bankruptcy, it’s not surprising that it’s a topic that’s blighted with worries by a lot of people. However, while the above is completely true, if one were to speak to most attorneys in the field it would become…

traffic law

Weird Traffic Laws From Around the World

Some traffic laws make sense, such as following the speed limit. However, there are those traffic laws that are mind boggling to say the least. Here are a few interesting laws from around the globe. Don’t drink and drive. Or eat. In Cyprus, don’t even think about sipping your water…


7 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Many of us dread the thought of experiencing a car accident, but it is important to have an understanding of the best actions to take in the event of a collision. Even the safest of drivers will at one time be involved in a road traffic accident as you can’t…


Is Bankruptcy The Route To Go For Your Business?

To the average person, filing for bankruptcy, whether personal or part of your business, is an indicator of financial failure. However, this may be a bit of an oversimplification. According to Bradford Law Offices in Raleigh, filing for business bankruptcy becomes necessary when “the costs of a company’s debts are too much…


What To Do In the Case of an Injury To You or a Family Member

No one ever wants any injury to happen to themselves or a family member. However, it does happen, and that’s why you should prepare just in case. Injuries can occur at home, on the street, at work, or anywhere. There are places injuries are more likely to happen, but that…

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