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3 Tips for Handling An Employee Who’s Not Pulling Their Weight

Almost every organization has at least one person who may not be doing their fair share of the work. While this person can switch between multiple people on multiple different projects, having someone like this working for you can be detrimental to productivity and efficiency for your entire company. For…


3 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity

Running a business isn’t easy. Trying to manage employee schedules, needs, and desires can be tricky. When you try to increase productivity, you may feel even more overwhelmed. Being a supervisor is an incredibly intensive and demanding job, but there are a number of ways you can work with your…

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Software that businesses are using daily to progress companies

There are thousands of businesses worldwide that are discovering that using new software company wide can increase productivity, aid tasks, enable cheap communication and save money.  Businesses need to research and discover new software or technology that will be beneficial to them in order to be able to keep up…


Addressing Some of the Main Myths about eDiscovery

eDiscovery is something that has been at the heart of many litigation cases against businesses and corporations. For many, the solution lies in having proper eDiscovery software in place, and it is undoubtedly true that having these systems in place significantly reduces the time spent in litigation. However, some also…


Larry Polhill Cafe Valley – How To Think Like a CEO

Last week I was chatting with Larry Polhill Cafe Valley Chief Exec and all round business guru about what kind of thoughts a CEO occupies themselves with. I work for educational think tanks the SEC and the APFC who are investors in the future of students when it comes to…


Haris Ahmed – Keys to Becoming Successful in Business

When I first started out in business selling hot dogs on the corner of my block in Removille, Chicago, I met a woman who gave me some of the best advice that I have ever received about creating a business, so helpful in fact that I didn’t even charge her…


Designing A Well-Rounded Business Website

To design a well rounded business website, you need a certain scope of knowledge.  Most small business owners end up designing their business websites on their own with very little guidance, and they tend to miss some of the most important aspects of web design along the way. If you…


Need a Big Space for Your Business? Custom-Made Buildings May be Right for You

Leasing a workplace is not always the right answer. For those of you who have custom needs that need to be met and need a large, open space to work in, leasing a workplace might not even be an option. Wouldn’t it be just great if you could build a…

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Looking to Start a Cleaning Business? Here’s What You Need to Know

Starting a business is a smart move if you want to be your own boss and enjoy unlimited earnings. It is undoubtedly hard work, but as long and you have the right attitude and a desire to succeed, there is no reason why your new business shouldn’t be a success….


Why Private Jet Charters are the Future of Executive Aviation Travel

Currently, Business or First Class travel is the main form of executive aviation travel. This is for good reason and is a fantastic way for people to travel as it is much more comfortable than Economy. However, there is a change on the horizon and soon executives will be flying…

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