Five Unique Ways To Adopt A Healthier Diet

There are a million reasons why you should be eating healthier. It boosts your energy, it can make you smarter, it fights illnesses, and it even makes your hair and nails healthier. Maybe you want to eat better simply to improve your health or maybe you’re trying to lose weight,…


Why Day Trading Is Becoming More Popular

Internet search trends can tell us a lot about what people are interested in and where there is a shift towards a certain activity. Data from a study conducted by Spread Co shows that there has been a massive increase in search interest in the past year on terms related…


In A Workout Slump? Try These 3 Strategies

Some days, even the most devoted fitness buff struggles to hit the gym and get in a solid workout – but why? What’s with the rut? Though there are many potential causes from physical illness to stress or lack of sleep, some workout barriers are easier to break through than…

Cell Phone Radiation

A List of Foods You should Eat to Protect Your Body from Cell Phone Radiation

Like most everyone today, we enjoy the benefits and conveniences having a cell phone brings. With a cell phone, you can stay in touch with family and friends and you have a way of contacting people in case of emergencies. But having a cell phone also has its risks, as…

addiction treatment

Alcohol; The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Alcohol isn’t all bad. It has its place and its moments of goodness. The key to alcohol consumption is moderation. Some forms of alcohol can actually be good for your health, but only if they are used in moderation. The unfortunate thing is that some people can’t use alcohol simply…

A Few Tips For Buying Your First Home

Buying a home is a huge investment. Your first home might not be your ultimate dream home, but it allows you to get some equity and to feel like you’ve succeeded at the American dream. The thing is, you don’t want to waste money or regret your purchase, so it’s…

tall people clothing

Tall People Problems: 5 Best Big & Tall Clothing Providers

Being tall comes along with its own set of challenges.  The struggle to find clothing that fits correctly in all the right areas is neverending.  Reach up, and touch the ceiling.  If there is a slight draft along the midriff area, then problem number one is no longer a mystery….


Heavy Earth Moving Equipment for Dummies

Large construction projects invariably require earthmoving machinery, and due to the wide scope of the work, there is a wide range of machines available. If one is not in the construction or mining business, the range of earthmoving equipment can be a little confusing, so here is a description of…


Defining Music – Just What Is This Form of Art?

Music is an art form, which used a combination of silence and audible sounds in an organized manner. A number of key elements or aspects are common to music, something that you will learn all about when you go to music college. Defining music, however, has proven to be incredibly…


How to successfully build a movement

Is there something that you care deeply about that no one else seems to take seriously? Despite feeling that you are the only one that does, know that there are others out there that are just as passionate about your cause. When Prophet TB Joshua hatched his vision for a…

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