December, 2016 | mumble in the jungle - Part 2

Why Blogging is the Perfect Student Job

Many students find that getting a job to support themselves financially throughout college is stressful and sometimes difficult. If you cannot find a job which provides you with the hours that you need along with a good level of flexibility to ensure that you have enough time to study, student…


Tips for Advancing Your Business Career

Every working age person owes it to himself or herself to invest in their career potential. While some may assume that merely establishing a stable work history is all that is needed, there are many tactics and efforts involved in improving a career path. In today’s world of ever-increasing competition,…


How Big Data is Changing Healthcare

Technology has made leaps and bounds over the past decade, touching just about all aspects of our life. One area that advancements in technology have proven to be extremely beneficial is the healthcare industry. Today‚Äôs students who are enrolled in computer science health care programs at schools such as the…

winter flu

How to Treat the Winter Flu

Plenty of ups and downs come with the winter season. For instance, many people look forward to the holidays for a chance to spend time off work and be around family. Unfortunately, the winter months can be brutal in a variety of ways. Between a lack of sunlight, cold temperatures…

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