September, 2016 | mumble in the jungle - Part 2

5 Tips For Buying Land For Different Purposes

There are all sorts of different reasons that you might want to buy land, either as a private person or as part of a business enterprise. Some classic examples might be that you want to build a church, build a private home, invest in the value of the land itself,…

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How to Use Effective Text on Exhibition Banner Stands

Designing a banner stand is no simple matter. But there are certain rules and suggestions to follow that will make it more likely that your banner stand will be successful in the business environment. You need to think about colour and size, images and placement, but above all you need…


Three Unhealthy Stress Responses

Stress is a normal, everyday part of our lives.  Stressors come at us from every direction.  Work, home, and traffic pile up the stressors in our day-to-day lives.  How we deal with all that incoming stress is different in each person. Some are capable of handling stress by relieving the…

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Successful CEOs Never Shy Away From Delegating Tasks

This is one fact that you should always remember. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs that become CEOs of their company make huge mistakes. They do not manage to do the right things because of the fact that they end up faced with a lack of knowledge about business in general. We have…

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Charles Phillips Comes Back And Offers Competition For Oracle

Charles Phillips is quickly becoming a symbol of a person that should never give up and keep fighting in order to improve and be a truly successful business leader. Charles Phillips, in his role as Oracle’s president made some really bold decisions and literally took the cloud computing technology offered…

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