June, 2016 | mumble in the jungle
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World CEO’s Charles Phillips

Many consider them to be more powerful than politicians, this may or may not be true in but when it comes to industry and economy there are few more powerful people than the CEOs off the World. Today we want to concentrate on one particular CEO whose rise to the…


Tips on Dealing With Andropause

It is common to hear that women go through menopause, but very rarely do we hear about men with andropause. Andropause (also known as the male menopause) usually happens when males enter their thirties. It is the gradual decrease of testosterone levels, which leads to a plethora of symptoms and…

Feeling Burned Out

Feeling Burned Out? Calgary Respite Care Brings Relief

When you’re the primary caregiver of an older relative with dementia, you can easily burn yourself out. In today’s world, tireless work is often worn as a badge of honour, but it can be very damaging to your own health. If you’re suffering from stress or burnout, it’s not healthy…

night driving

5 Tips to Help You Stay Safe When Driving at Night

Night driving poses unique dangers and risks. Visibility is usually reduced, the likelihood of passing by an intoxicated driver increases and construction zones on highways are often bustling with activity. Here are five tips to help you stay safe when driving after sundown. Wash off Your Headlights and Taillights Your…

web security

How to make your website more secure – starting tips

Creating a new website can be an exciting process, particularly for a small business. There are numerous steps involved, starting with the initial design before moving on to coding and eventual growth or marketing. One thing to think about right from the start is security. By building security features right…

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Going Wireless: How It Feels to Be Always Connected

Unlike previous times, we are now experiencing the convenience of always being connected with anyone through the internet; not only does this connection ties people together, but this also gives an opportunity for all of us to get updated about the current status and affairs of the worldwide trends and…